You came in my dream
Riding my sleep for hours
A lust goddess, 
soft moans 
The look of heated yearning
in eyes that closed
in ecstasy 
we were together in a pool
of carnal bliss, dripping
from passion and pleasure
A fire in the room
The sheets were heavy and damp
And there was the faint sound of wind
in walls that I never noticed.

Your lips, once soft,
began to crack
And your skin became as 
desert sand.
as the heat faded from your body
I stood and watched you
I removed your bones
and buried them beneath 
the tree I 
now hang


Used Up

Warmth escapes,
only cold is left
Bereft of feeling
Peeling back the sin
To see skin.
You’ll seek trouble just for peace.  
You, yourself,
can’t use yourself
But the others will fill
that spot. 

Hard pressed
We’ve all come to this
Resist reason
Treason unto self.

You’ve wanted to to be wanted
They’ll take that cake
They’ll eat it too
And you’re left with the dish
When they’re through.

Purity has lost you.  



I want to be a smiling god
A madly-staring figure
Tearing apart creation. 

I want to be the rumored Nero
with his rumored lyre 
As the world is burning
I hear the music only.

I want to be moved by nothing
But by my own will.
I am hungry for power.
I am starving for chaos.

I want to end
Like a legend.
Crucify me on a symbol of peace.
Burn my image in a green meadow
And speak my name no more.

I want to be timeless.
I want to know and not be known.
But all who see me tremble.

It is better to be feared
Than to be loved.
Humans forget love
but fear can be a scar,
an ugly mark upon their memory.  



Dancing, chancing 
with memory, it’s
swim or flee
it has me by the throat
and I could drown now
I could go down right now
without a fight, all flight
soft light in the window of
opportunity. Mutiny, no, scrutiny
with every step never to take back,
or take ever again.
My friend, my only friend.
Only my friend
In the end, I could depend solely
on defending the ending of the
invested; the detested way I let the thought
infest my brain.

And now it’s time to breathe,
not to seethe over moments unseen.
Come clean of any idea of past, present,
potential future.
to hold together this skin
This sin of the mind
of the flesh.
Keep a clear head,
and no loose thread.

Instead I’ll wait for another time and another find,
untrue and unkind, to wrap my thoughts around
Wound ‘round and bound to this ground

And moth to flame,
Attraction never seemed so mortal.