How Unfair (midlife fear)

How unfair
Only the wealthy truly live
The rest of us take a job
just to survive, uncomfortably.
The job devours most of our time, 
even days away are spent
unconscious or dazed
as we stare into our backyards,
a graveyard for our dreams,
or looking at the home, 
what we’ve settled for
settling in
Midlife takes hold
and the regrets we’ve been fighting
begin to win
and we feel guilty for thinking
the what ifs.
Guilt-tripped for not being appreciative;
for wanting more.
We just want to live.


New Age

Don’t go outside. 
Don’t eat the food.
Don’t drink the water.
Don’t breath the air. 
Don’t believe this
Don’t think that.
You can bleed 
as long as it’s green.

We are fear eating fear.
Killing each other one way
or another.



When ready to present my heart
for someone who so readily wants it
I am afraid
of having too little a heart
to offer.  



I want to be a smiling god
A madly-staring figure
Tearing apart creation. 

I want to be the rumored Nero
with his rumored lyre 
As the world is burning
I hear the music only.

I want to be moved by nothing
But by my own will.
I am hungry for power.
I am starving for chaos.

I want to end
Like a legend.
Crucify me on a symbol of peace.
Burn my image in a green meadow
And speak my name no more.

I want to be timeless.
I want to know and not be known.
But all who see me tremble.

It is better to be feared
Than to be loved.
Humans forget love
but fear can be a scar,
an ugly mark upon their memory.