I want to be a smiling god
A madly-staring figure
Tearing apart creation. 

I want to be the rumored Nero
with his rumored lyre 
As the world is burning
I hear the music only.

I want to be moved by nothing
But by my own will.
I am hungry for power.
I am starving for chaos.

I want to end
Like a legend.
Crucify me on a symbol of peace.
Burn my image in a green meadow
And speak my name no more.

I want to be timeless.
I want to know and not be known.
But all who see me tremble.

It is better to be feared
Than to be loved.
Humans forget love
but fear can be a scar,
an ugly mark upon their memory.  



I am destruction.
Destruction embodied.

Whether I am destroying myself.
My opportunities.
Or him, or her. Or you.

I am lost in some transition
Between laced fingers,
praying hands,
clinched fists
and broken knuckles.

I float outside the mind.
These eyes. This wall.
This self.
I float and see the chaos I bring.

The soul is buried with the heart beneath the brain.
The thinking beast. The logic. Calculation. Calm, cold, disconnected.
Destruction cares for itself.